Terms and Conditions

First Item: The Objective of (Tawakkalna) Application

According to the health system and its implementing regulations (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), the Ministry of Health has approved the health standards upon which “Tawakkalna” application has been developed. The characteristics and properties of “Tawakkalna” application shall be subject to any additional instructions issued in implementation of the local regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to achieve the desired health objective of imposing curfews and not to expose citizens and residents to the risks of the novel Coronavirus outbreak.

Second Item: Registration

According to the instructions of the Ministry of Health (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), (Tawakkalna) application is the only electronic official means to establish the existence of a movement permit during curfew periods, in order to reduce the risks related to hard-copy permits. Citizens and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who are 15 years and over, can register in Tawakkalna application and request a movement permit. Those who are under the age of 15 are not entitled to register in the application in order to limit their movement and exposure to contact. You can register in the application by following the guidelines below:

- In the event of having Absher account, enter the ID number for citizens, residency (iqamah) ID number for residents, and the date of birth.

- In the event of not having Absher account, your mobile phone number and National/residence ID number must be verified by a person who has an Absher account and this can be done by using the “Verify a Mobile Phone Number for Tawakkalna application”

Third Item: Password Policy

- The password must be 12 characters and contain the following:

- At least 1 capital letter.

- At least 1 small letter.

- At least 1 number.

Fourth Item: Service Description

“Tawakkalna” Application allows citizens and residents (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to request movement permits during curfew period, and the permit is granted in accordance with the health instructions issued in this regard.

- The application displays health announcements and news related to Coronavirus.

- Several features and functions will be added to the application accordingly with the health instructions issued, which will include:

1- A feature (to submit health status), which allows the user to answer questions related to some health indicators, such as: temperature, blood pressure, etc.

2- A feature to notify individuals in the event of having contacted or having been in close contact with a newly infected confirmed case during the past (14) days.

3- A feature to notify the user of taking all necessary precautions in the event of entering a geographical area where a confirmed case has been in during the past 14 days.

4- In case of isolating a specific geographical area, the status of all users who have been in that area within a week will change to yellow-color

5- The user will be notified if he\she approaches an isolated geographical area

6- Following-up with home-quarantined cases for 14 days

7- Notifying the user of curfew types in their geographical area

8- Offering nearest hospitals and pharmacies to the user

Fifth Item: User Obligations

Tawakkalna app was developed in order for citizens and residents (in Saudi Arabia) to have access to movement permits easily, and receive other notifications sent by the app, based on the health standards that aim to curb the spread of Covid-19. The users are obliged to use the app for the following:

- The issued permit form this app is considered as a permission to manage businesses in public that are excluded during curfew, and for both emergency cases and catering. This permit shall not be used for any other purposes. If proven that the permit has been misused, the violator will be subject to the penalty of violating the curfew.

- The permit shall be canceled if the permit information is proven inaccurate upon verifying by security personnel on the field. In addition, the security personnel shall be authorized to issue a curfew violation penalty.

- The user takes full responsibility of data validity provided.

- The users agree to grant the App’s Management a permission to use their data according to health standards that aim to limit the spread of the novel Coronavirus. That includes pledging to permanently enable the location feature which will be used to send application-related notifications shown in item (fourth). In case of disabling the location feature, the user’s account shall be suspended, and the Ministry of Health shall be notified if the user has been under home-quarantine.

- The user takes full responsibility for service requests submitted from their account in Tawakkalna application.

- The user is obliged to update their account information in case of changing the place of residence, mobile number or any other information entered at the time of registration.

- The user is responsible for services provided upon data-related input in the registration process, and the management of the Tawakkalna application is not responsible for any consequences of data invalidity.

- The user is responsible for any leakage of data from their personal account, such as the username and password.

- Representatives of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - in case they are registered with the application - are exempt from the terms and conditions that conflict with their diplomatic immunity, and they will be treated according to the diplomatic procedures approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sixth Item: General Conditions

- The management of Tawakkalna Application does not bear responsibility for any consequences resulting from an error or failure to update the user’s information.

- The Tawakkalna application management does not bear any responsibility for any damages or losses (direct or indirect) that may occur to the user due to the use of the application. In cases of extreme necessity, it is possible to go out before obtaining the permission, and if a ticket/fine is registered, an objection can be filed and the reasons for leaving before the issuance of the permission can be submitted through “Absher”. The objection will be looked into by the security committees in the police stations of different regions of the Kingdom or through any other methods set by the Ministry of Interior.

- The service can only be used after completing the information on the registration form and agreeing to the terms and conditions.

- The application management of Tawakkalna has the right to reject any user, in case of the registering conditions were not applicable, and the user has the right to raise a complaint to the following email: contact@tawakkalna.gov.sa

- Tawakkalna application management reserves the right to add or change any of the use conditions, and the users shall be notified, accordingly.

- Tawakkalna application management has the right to temporarily suspend the service for maintaining, developing or amending the application, until the completion of the necessary work.

- The user agrees to receive text messages on their mobile phone number and immediate alerts from the application at any time during the day.

Seventh Item: Termination of the Account

- The user account shall continue being activated unless it is terminated by the management of Tawakkalna Application or according to a request sent by the user to the email: (contact@tawakkalna.gov.sa).

- The management of Tawakulna application has the right to terminate the user account in case of violating the terms and conditions, and the user has the right to raise a complaint to the following email: contact@tawakkalna.gov.sa

- The penalties stipulated in the Saudi Anti-Cybercrime Law shall be applied in case of unlawful signing to Tawakkalna App, cancellation of data, deletion of data, destruction of data, leaking data, damaging data, altering or re-disseminating data.

- Tawakkalna App’s Management has the right to terminate the user's account in case of discovering invalidity of data provided by the user, misusing the application or violating its terms.

- The App’s Management has the right to terminate the user’s account, if the competent authorities requested the suspension of the service.

- The App’s Management has the right to terminate the user’s account if the user does not accept any changes in the terms of service.

- The App’s Management has the right to terminate the user account in the event of force majeure.

- Privacy policy of (Tawakkalna App) shall be shared with the user to accept it and grants permission to use his/her information according to the provisions stated in that policy.

Eighth Item: App Management

- Name of Authority overseeing the application: Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence - National Information Center.

- Email: (contact@tawakkalna.gov.sa).