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As the Saudi Arabian Government is keen to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents within its soil from the risk of the spread of novel coronavirus; The Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA) developed Tawakkalna App in order to support government efforts aimed at countering Covid-19.

Tawakkalna App was developed to facilitate the issuance of movement permits electronically during the curfew period for government and private sector employees, as well as individuals, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and all relevant authorities during the curfew, thus helping to reduce the spread of the pandemic in the Kingdom.

Tawakkalna helps individuals, security, health and private entities, that are exempted from the curfew, to automatize all transactions between relevant parties in order to mitigate the health, economic and social impacts that may result from the implementation of policies taken to eliminate the spread of Covid-19.

Tawakkalna app manages e-permits through allocating (4) hours a week for each individual, in order to secure their supplies at any time they want. It should be noted that the new week hours end on Saturday at 11:59 p.m.

Tawakkalna app manages e-permits through allocating (4) hours a week for each individual, in order to secure their supplies at any time they want. It should be noted that the new week hours ends on Saturday at 11:59 p.m. And if the individual were to violate the curfew order and leave his home for an emergency after consuming his credit hours, and fined by the security personnel, then he has the right to file an objection through "Absher" platform where the objection request will be considered by the security committees, and they will respond to the applicant explaining the reasons for acceptance or rejection of the request.

Current Features of the Application:

- Request movement permits electronically for necessary supplies during the curfew period through the application, so that applications are processed automatically.

Requesting movement permits electronically for necessary supplies within the neighborhood during the complete curfew period via the application, so that orders are being processed automatically.

- Showing the user's “QR” code for the security man to speeding up the checking and traffic process for citizens and residents.

- Frequently answering health related questions to help the Ministry of Health follow up on cases. The user can also report suspected Covid-19 cases to help individuals receive medical assistance and thus to stop the spread of the virus.

- Showing work permits electronically to ease the movement of employees from both public and private sectors excluded from the curfew - hospital workers, pharmacy workers, catering companies and other vital entities - from and to their workplaces, by enabling entities to submit their workers' permits online via Tawakkalna.

- Reviewing the latest health news and updates related to the spread of COVID-19 and ways to prevent it.

- Displaying user's medical appointments.

- The ability to change the place of residence.

- Showing the countdown of the remaining time for the permission.

- The ability of requesting an additional movement permit for the private driver.

- - Alerting the user about the remaining hours balance.

- The app is available in Arabic and English.

How to Use Tawakkalna

For couriers in express delivery services, Tawakkalna makes your job easier.
How to use Tawakkalna application during the partial curfew period?
How Can individuals use Tawakkalna application?

To sign up in “Tawakkalna" App, follow these steps:

1. Download the App
2. Start the signing up process, by following the required steps
3. The password must be at least 12 characters long, including at least one uppercase English letter, one lowercase English letter and numbers
4. You would receive a verification code on your mobile number registered in Absher
5. Locate your exact location on the map and answer health questions
6. Identify the sponsorees and dependents in the same place of your residence (Family – Domestic workers)

I don’t have an account in Absher
what should I do?

In case if you don’t have an account in Absher, your registration in Tawkkalna requires a verification from an already registered Absher account through “Tawakkalna Mobile Verification” service in Absher, which can be accessed as follows:

1. login in Absher
2. click on individuals
3. go to my services then services
4. Then go General Services
5. Click on Register A Mobile Number for Tawakkalna
6. Fill in the three main fields (ID/Iqama number, date of birth and mobile number).
7. The person who does not have an Absher account will get a verification code, after which the identifier will be able to complete the identification process.

After completing the identification process, you will receive a message on your phone stating that you can register in the Tawakkalna application

Future Features of the Application

    We are currently developing many features that will be available for users in the near future, the most important of which are:

  • User Alert Features:
  • • Alerting the user if he is close to a prohibited neighbourhood, or an area where an infected case has already been present.
    • Alerting the user if he were found to have had a contact with an infected case during the past 14 days.
    • Alerting the user about the limit of the geographical range allowed in each city and neighbourhood, which includes individuals and employees of vital government and private sector entities.
    • Alerting the user when he is close of the end of the authorized geographical area.
    • Alerting the user when his/her permission period has expired and did not return to home.
    • Alerting the user about any change regarding the curfew on the application’s interface.

  • Reporting and Objection Features:
  • • Reporting on violations regarding the curfew, such as gatherings in public areas.
    • Displaying user’s curfew violations, and the ability to file an objection.
    • Reporting on corruption cases, such as an abuse of issuing movement permits.
  • General Features:
  • • Displaying the nearest hospitals and pharmacies to the place of residence.
    • Displaying the express delivery applications that are excluded from the curfew.
    • Dealing with humanitarian situations, such as requesting movement between or within cities in cases of death, family circumstances or other humanitarian conditions.
    • The ability to visitors and citizens of GCC countries to register in the application, using non-Saudi numbers.
    • The ability to cancel the permission request before starting to use the movement permit.
    • The ability of determining the type of emergency to be dealt with as required.
    • Requesting medical emergency movement permits in order to issue immediate permits to go to emergency.

Success Partners

Pertners of success ... thank you

As the first line of defense in the fight against coronavirus, the Ministry of Health has been a fundamental supporter of the efforts of Tawakkalna development team... therefore; we would like to thank you for your support and effort.

We are also very thankful to our strategic partners in STC for providing free customer service to our application as they assume their social responsibilities toward this country and its residents in these difficult times. this is not a surprising gesture from this a great patriotic company.

Thanks also go to our technological partners:


For their cooperation and contribution in supporting the application of Tawakkalna for free. We hope that the application will be a positive aid and contribution - from all of us - to the governmental efforts aimed at preserving the health, safety and security of the people of this good country.

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