Privacy Policy

First item: Introduction

Believing in the importance of the data and its confidentiality, and ensuring that the management of (Tawakkalna) application provides the best levels of service while committing to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the user data and the data entered, the management is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of the user information and the materials entered by them as a basis of the privacy policy. The management will only disclose that information in accordance with the specified controls set out in item IV (use and disclosure).

Second item: user information

User data and information means any of the following:

A- Personal data used for registration.

B- The user’s geographical location data and movements.

C- Contact information and usage-related updates.

D- Other information entered by the user, such as exit permit requests, notifications and questionnaire answers.

Third item: collecting and storing information

A- Collection of information:

1- Contact information: The application collects some device data that helps to improve the experience, such as the device language and system type. The application also tracks the user's location to issue exit permits and notices for other services in the application, in accordance with the standards set by the Ministry of Health (in Saudi Arabia) to combat the novel Coronavirus pandemic and any other authority, in accordance with local laws in Saudi Arabia.

2- The information entered: The information entered by the user such as permission requests, objections and his /her answers to any questionnaires on application are saved.

3- Device Features: In order to provide the app services, some user & device information is accessed, such as: GPS location, Bluetooth, BLE, CAMERA, Read External Storage: Application request to attach files (images or PDF, other file types will be discarded) to complete requests like issuing permits.

B - Storage of Data

The data entered by the user is saved and stored at the National Information Center.

The user's information is stored at the servers specified by the application management within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The application management is keen to protect these servers from penetration and unauthorized access according to the established standards. The application management undertakes to delete the information from the servers every (21) days.

Fourth item: Use and Disclosure

A- The application services uses are subject to a health standards issued by the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which aim to facilitate the access of citizens and residents (in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) to leave permits and to receive notifications sent by the application. The user agrees to protect his/her personal information and the management of the application does not disclose it to any party except in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health and what is imposed by the local laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

B- Only the authorized workers in the application management have the right to access the user’s information. They can do so for the purposes and uses determined by the policies approved by the application management.

C- It is permissible to use the user data that does not specify his/her identity within cumulative statistical data and indicators, and to share it with all the relevant authorities according to what the application management deems appropriate.

Fifth item: external links

The application may provide links of other parties. The application is not responsible for how other parties collect or use personal identification information about the user. The user bears full responsibility for his/her data.

Sixth item: User’s Responsibility to Protect Privacy

In order to protect the user’s information, we recommend the following:

A- Contacting technical support of the application immediately when the user believes that another person was able to share login information to his/her account in the application or any other confidential information.

B- Not to give any secret information via phone or internet unless the identity of the person or party receiving the information is known.

C- Not to share the login information (username and password) with others, and not to allow others to use the user account in the application.

D- Using a secure electronic device when using the application, while closing all unused Internet-connected apps and making sure that an anti-virus program is always up to date.

Seventh item: General Provisions

- Name of Authority overseeing the application: Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence - National Information Center.

- Email:

- The Administration of “Tawakkalna” application reserves the right to add or change any of the provisions of the privacy policy, and the users shall be notified. The App’s Management has the right to terminate the user’s account if the user does not accept any changes in the privacy policy.

- The Arabic language is the language adopted in applying the terms and conditions. The Arabic text shall prevail if there are any disputes in interpreting any received text in any other language.